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Titans Bulge

Warlord are all set to release a new campaign book for their Bolt Action World War 2 gaming system that focuses on the Ardennes Forrest and the Battle for the Bulge. The book comes out on February 11th and will include a number of new units and 12, yes 12 new missions highlighting the actions during this desperate time.

Our Bolt Action event at the next Titans of War event will be themed around the Battle of the Bulge. Players will join the Germans or Allied forces in 5 rounds of desperate battles to see if the Germans can drive a wedge between the Allied armies and secure a peace deal that will allow them to focus on the Soviets.

When it comes to the campaign, Generals will decide both the mission and matchups each round before handing over to the players to score campaign points for their side. Will the Allies hold the line or will the Germans get the break they are looking for?

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