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The 365 day painting challenge

Anyone who has been collecting miniatures for any length of time knows that you always have a backlog of unpainted figures sitting gathering dust. There are many reasons this happens but it’s normally a case of real life getting in the way or the all too familiar new kit syndrome. If we don’t count those green plastic army men I`ve been collecting and painting miniatures for roughly 20 years and my unpainted collection is ENORMOUS. Over the years I`ve made an effort to reduce this through various strategies and challenges. This year I’m going with the 365 painting challenge. 365-painting The plan is to paint a minimum of 365 figures this year. The biggest hurdle is dealing with real life, I mean work, kids, dating are all distractions drawing you away from the main task of painting these toy soldiers. The old PPPPP comes to mind, Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. I`ll use a monthly calendar to help me minimise these hiccups (real life) by planning to complete work in advance. While this wont clear all of my unpainted horde, it will make a nice dent and I`m looking forward to the hopefully exceeding 365 painted figs by December 31st 2016.

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